Day 81 + 82: Pets (inspired by @FredBlunt)

March 21 & 22, 2020

I missed yesterday so here is a whole bunch of sketches. The theme was “all my pets” which was inspired by all the fun animal sketches which illustrator Fred Blunt has been posting to his Twitter account.

In my case, these are all pets I’ve grown up with at home plus the two dogs I have owned myself as an adult (Totoro and Una at the bottom). I can’t remember the name of all seven of our ducklings. Yes we had ducks. Canelle & Pruneau were named for characters in a Québecois children’s show when I was little. Miette always sucked on her tail, thus why it’s wet here. Coco was like our babysitter growing up, she was gentle and protective of all five of us kids. Totoro (or just Toto) came back from Indonesia with me. Una was… Una. And I loved her even though she disliked everyone.