Who am I

My name is Luc Latulippe. I’m a storyboard artist and I’ve worked on animated TV series since 1990. That’s 30 years of drawing-for-a-living.

What is this?

I’ve set a challenge for myself in 2020: Draw one thing every day, and share it.

Why a newsletter?

I chose a newsletter because social media is failing us. With a newsletter, you’re guaranteed to receive my posts every time, and you can unsubscribe easily anytime. There are no ads, no bots, no Russian hackers. Plus this retains a record online of every post and you can comment, very much like a blog. (There’s an RSS feed too.)

How does it work?

You just sign up. That’s it. I draw something new every day, and send it to my subscribers. And it’s always FREE.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Behance, Twitter, and Instagram.